South Chicago ABC Zine Collection

40 Ways to Fight Fascists Street Legal Tactics- Spencer Sunshine
A Letter to a Young Gangster - Uhuru Baraka Rowe
A Matter of Black Lives
Abolish All Prisons! Incarceration as Genocide - Anthony Rayson
Address to the American Youth - Timothy Trujillo
Afrikan American Community Response - Abdul Olugbala Shakur
Aging In Prison A Human Rights Problem We Must Fix
Agitation Education Activism Using Zines - Anthony Rayson
All Lives Matter Panel Questions - Anthony Rayson
Alternative Free Ads WInter 2009
Amending the 13th Legal Basis for Abolition - Comrade Spider WPO
Anarchism and Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Knowledge-Hybachi LeMar
Anarchist Agitation and Community Building - Ronald A Young
Anarchist Litigation for Dummies - Gary William Hallford
Anarchist Solution to the Problem of Crime
Anarchists Against The Wall
Anarkybalion Aphorisms and Maxims - Hybachi LeMar
Anarquismo y Carceles - Cruz Negra Anarquista Venezuela
Anatomy of a Snitch A Warning to the Streets - Safir Chuma Asafo
Anti Racist Action (ARA Net)
Anti-Recidivist Booklet by Clarence A Taylot
Application Anarchist Theory Modern Prison Struggle - Sean Swain
Art Attack! Vision of Struggle Prison Art - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Baby Boom Betrayal - Anthony Rayson
Banking on Bondage Private Prisons - ACLU
Basic Principles of Anarchism
Battle Scarred - Antiracist Skinheads of Chicago
Behind These Walls
Bell Curve Conspiracy-AbdulOlugbalaShakur AbasiGanda KamauAskari
Biography of Revolutionary Development - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Black August Origins History Significance- Books4Prisoners Crew
Black Fighting Formations - Russell Maroon Shoats
Black Panther Party Legacy - New Afrikan Black Panther Party(PC)
Black Panthers For Beginners
Blood In My Eye (part 1) - George Jackson
Blood In My Eye (part 2) - George Jackson
Brain Grenades Hand Grenades for the Brain - Coyote
CCA Spin Cooptation of Local Officials and the Truth Frank Smith
Californias Amerikkas Number One Police State
Californias Dirty Little Secret by Kenneth Gay
Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide - Michael Cetewayo Tabor
Capitalism plus AIDS equals Genocide - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Celling Black Bodies - Julia Sudbury
Chain Reaction 1 - TX Prison Zine
Chain Reaction 2 - TX Prison Zine
Chain Reaction 3 - TX Prison Zine
Chain Reaction 4 - TX Prison Zine
Chain Reaction 6 - TX Prison Zine
Chicagoland Anarchist Collective 7 (CLAC)
Control Unit Prisons - Frank J Atwood
Cook County Must Reform Juvenile Justice - Cynthia Dizikes
Cop Watch An Introduction to Citizen Monitoring of the Police
Coping with Snitch Culture Historical Examples Current Proposals
Coyote Calling - Another Day Another Struggle
Criminal Law Concepts - Michael Salerno
Criminal Law Forms - D Michael Salerno
Criminals Confinement Corruption - Kunta Kenyatta
Critical Reflection Forwrd Progression-Mangwiro A Sadiki-Yisrael
Crushed Against The Law - Robert Saleem Holbrook
Dare to Care - San Pedro Laguna
Decimation Of Authority - The Freak Is Back
Decolonized - Timothy Trujillo
Defeating the Criminal Mentality - Lacino Hamilton
Deliberately I Defy Anarcho Literature - Victor TrayWay
Diary of a "Spiritual Terrorist" - Abdul Olugbala Shakur
Dont Step Back FIght Back! - Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Dreams & Visions A Dionysian Quarterly Issue 6
Dreams & Visions A Dionysian Quarterly Issue 6 001
Each One Teach One 9 - Anthony Rayson and Hybachi Lemar
Epidemic of Control Units - Khalfani Khaldun
Everything You Believed About Money Was Wrong - Thomas Marc Hoy
Evidence of Corruption at Pelican Bay CMU- Kijana Tashiri Askari
Evil Communism Meets Soulless Capitalism - Healthcare in China
F.I.R.S.T. Manifesto
Fascist America Reflections On Orwell - T M Hoy
Fascist America Reflections on Orwell - T.M. Hou
Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners - D Michael Salerno
Fight the White - Anthony Rayson
First Amendment Under Attack Illinois Prisons- George Peter Jr
Flu or Zine
Free Speech in Amerikkka Myth or Reality - Pelican Bay HRM
Free Virginia Movement Solidarity w Free Alabama and Mississippi
Free Your Mind Reversing Prison Censorship - S Muhammad Hyland
Freedom for Puerto Rican Political Prisoners POWs - ProLIBERTAD
Friend Or Foe Post Fidel Perspectives - E C Theus Roberts
From Bad to Worse Transferred - by Kevin Rashid Johnson
From Self-Destruction to Reconstruction - Kijana Tashiri Askari
From Unity to Collective Liberation - Brian Lee Rowe
G Bodied that Body - Ezpylacopa Izreal-El
Gender Anarky Prison Zine Spring 2009
George Jackson Lives! 3 - Kijana Tashiri Askari
Glee Club Appetite for Truth - Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli
Greetings from the Graveyard - Coyote
Habitual Freak 3 Witch Hunt - Cari Bennett
Handbook Surviving Solitary Confinement- Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Handbook for the Wrongfully Convicted pt1 - Eric D Smith Danachi
Hands Up Dont Shoot! Killing Michael Brown- Uhuru Baraka-Rowe
Hasan Shakur Enrollment Handbook - New Afrikan BlackPantherParty
Hip Hop A Way of Life and a Movement !- S Muhammad Hyland
History of Race Theory - Rudolf Rocker
How Prisoners Use Zines to Empower Themselves - Anthony Rayson
How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You - Neural Lingustics
How to Use the Law LIbrary Write Your Own Law Work - D M Salerno
Hungry Knife Zine
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Uhuru B Rowe
IDOC Guilty as Charge Arrogance Exposed - Khalfani X Khaldun
Illinois New Supermax Control Unit Torture - Matthew Smith
In Memory of Comrade George - Sekou Kambui
In The Trenches 2 - Ali Khalid Abdullah
Indiana Prisoners Speak Out! On the Murder of Tookie Williams
Inside Books Project Resource Guide
Intelligence Gathering, Dissemination, & Internet Security
Interstate Corrections Compact Transfer - 41 Days in Hell
Interview w Sundiata Acoli & Letter to Washington Hts HS Student
Interview with Ojore Lutalo New Afrikan Prisoner of War
Intro to the US An Autonomist Political History - Noel Ignatlev
Its Like Living In A Black Hole - Cassandra Shaylor
Kill Yourself! Imperialist Policy on Gang - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Kries From Within - Voices of Resistance 1 - Konvicts Speak Out!
Lac du Flambeau Treaty Rights - Anthony Rayson
Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color Andrea J Ritchie
Legacy Tamanend III Internationalizing Struggle - Nathaniel Lee
Legal Recourse to Guards Harassment - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Lessons From Sun Tzu - Paupers Press
Letter to Huntsville
Letter to Washington Heights HS Students - Sundiata Acoli
Letters from Prison - Martin Sostre
Liberation or Gangsterism Freedom Slavery- Russell Maroon Shoatz
Librado Rivera El Indomable Magona - Monica Alcayaga
Life After Life A Successful Return to Society - Kunta Kenyatta
Life After Life Why Parole is Another Prison - Kenneth Hartman 001
Life is Cheap in the Congo - Ali Khalid Abdullah
Main Line Issue 8 April 2022
Malcolm X The Ballot or the Bullet
Martin Sostre in Court
Martin Sostre, Prison Revolutionary - Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Meanderings of a Death Row Inmate - Vol 3 - Bob R Williams Jr
Meanderings of a Death Row Inmate Vol 2 - Bob R Williams Jr
Menticide Killing of the Mind - Mwalimu Mangwiro Acholam
Message for our Generation Africa Stolen by System - Nathan Gray
Message to Black Women & Your Daughters - Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Missouri Prison Labor Union Issue 3 2005
Money & Power Hook or Crook - Zolo Agona Azania
More On Recidivism Mental Spiritual Challenges - Talib Rasheed
Mutate Zine 10
My Plight for Freedom Utah on Blast - Corey Vonberg
My Refusal to Remain Silent PR from SHU- Khalfani Malik Khalfani
My Struggle for Freedom - Uhuru Baraka Rowe aka Brian Lee Rowe
Native American Prisoners Advocate Manual - Grey Bear
Native American Prisoners Journal
Native American Prisoners Journal 4
Neo Colonialism Drives American Social Pathology Talib Y Rasheed
Nevada Prisoners Newsletter 11
Nevada Prisoners Newsletter 14
New Afrikan Anti Alcohol Initiative 101 - Kijana Tashiri Askari
New Afrikan Physical Fitness 101 - Kijana Tashiri Askari
New Afrikan Sentiments - Zolo Agona Azania
New World Order & the Role New Afrikans - Ali Khalid Abdullah
Not Worker but Chattel - Ivan Kilgore
Nucleos de Libertad - Cuz Negra Anarquista Venezuela
On Assignment to the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice - H L Brown
On The Line 2 (2009)
On the Imus Controversy by Travis Washington
Operation Hip-Hop Rescue - Abdul Olugbala Shakur Nathaniel Ali
Oppression of Political Prisoners Within Pontiac - Matthew Smith
Organizing Communities Anarchist Grassroots Movement -Tom Knoche
OurNationalName New Afrikan Cultural Identity- Zolo Agona Azania
Parents in Prison A Growing Crisis - Austin ABC
Playin It Raw Street Disciples Ministry - Lawrence Youngblood
Please Elaborate - Coyote and Abigail
Political Definitions Every Rev Should Know - Uhuru B Rowe
Poor and Forgotten 11
Poor and Forgotten 13
Positivity Good By Many
Power of the Pen - Yuri
Practical Approach to Strategic Organizing -Kevin Rashid Johnson
Prison Writings of Anarchist Rob Los Ricos - Rob Los Ricos
Prisoners of Resistance The Fire WIthin - Nathan J Gray
Program of the Black Autonomy Prison Federation
Progress Report - Overcoming INcarceration - Kunta Kenyatta
Protect Illinois Environment Take a Stand Against Peotone Airpor
Queen of the New Afrikan Nation - James Crawford
Queer and Transgendered Prison Solidarity - Bash Back Press
ROTTEN Residents Opposed To This Evil Nightmare - Anthony Rayson
Race Treason Behind Prison Walls
Racial Capitalism and Prison Abolition
Railroaded The Dark Side of Utah- Corey Vonberg
Raising The Bars - Volume 1 - Rants Ravings Fiction
Rashid on Race - Kevin Rashid Johnson
Rastafari Message Board Speaks Conspiracy to Destroy Black Youth
Rastafarian Community - 118th Earthlife of HIM
Rastafarian Community 119th Earthlife of HIM
Rawpunkbastards Summer 2000
Rebirth of Humanity in Pathological Capitalism - Richard M Flood
Recidivism the Compulsive Criminal Mentality - Talib Y Rasheed
Red Heart Warrior Special Issue Winter 2005 2006
Reflection from the Bowels of the Beast - Aaron Ben-Israel
Report on Internal Changes in Indiana Department of Corruption
Resisting Subversive Extremes Persecution- Kijana Tashiri Askari
Reveille - By Us For Us
Revolutionary Love - Uhuru B Rowe
Richard Flood Gets Sentenced in Rozaks Courtroom
Right On! 1 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Right On! 15 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Right On! 2 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Right On! 23 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Right On! 27 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Right On! 3 - New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter
Rights of Prisoners
Rob the Rich! Writings - Robert Thaxton aka Rob los Ricos
SSA Disability and Prisoners
Security Culture A Handbook for Activists
Shrapnel 1 - Nevada ABC Prison Chapter
Shrapnel 2 - Nevada ABC Prison Chapter
Shrapnel 3 - Nevada ABC Prison Chapter
Six Essays by California Drug War Prisoner Eugene Dey
Slacker Zine
Soledad Brother - George Jackson
Soliloquy of the Soul Poetry from Solitary - Matthew Smith
Some Solutions Or Things To Do - Sundiata Acoli
Some Thoughts On Prison Rebels - Ojore N Lutalo
Sounds Of War Spring 2003
South Chicago ABC Zine Distro Catalog 2014-2022
South Chicago Anarchist Black Cross Zine Distro Catalog 2019
South Chicago Anti Racist Action Alert 1998
Spiritual Humanism - Talib Y Rasheed
Starting Your Own ABC Prison Chapter
Staying Healthy Staying Connected COVID19 Info for Prisoners
Steel Sharpens Steel 2 by Comrade Coyote
Stop Control Unit Prisons - Bonnie Kerness AFSC Prison Watch
Stop Homophobia
Stop Immigrant Detention Center in Crete Illinois
Stop the Brutality at Inmates at Red Onion StatePrison - Fed Up!
Stop the Execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal - Seth Tobocman
Strong Hearts 4
Struggle for Liberation Key to Victory - Sidney Williams Shariyf
Support the Tinley Park 5
Survival Tips and Ideas for the Ex Prisoner - Khalfani X Khaldun
Survivors Speak Prisoner Testimonies of Torture
Taking Direct Action to FreeThemAll from Stateville Prison
Tarek Mehanna Sentencing Statement
The Autonomous Zone Infoshop A Decade of Anarchy in Chicago
The Black Peoples Prison Survival Guide - Abdullah
The Call Vol 2 FreeLuggage Production - D P Tousant
The Deprived and Depraved - Hybachi LeMar
The Diary of Bobby Sands
The Dragon and the Hydra - Russell Maroon Shoats
The Final Release Challenging the Compulsive - C Taylor
The First 30 Hours Upon Release
The Ghettobred Anarchist - Hybachi LeMar
The Iowa Dungeon Report - D A Sheldon
The LIberation of Education Anthony Rayson
The Long Way Home - A Nancy Spider
The Making of the New World Order - Kevin Rashid Johnson
The Mandingo Warriors Self Defense Family of Hunstville TX
The Match Issue 109 A Journal of Ethical Anarchism
The Middle Passage - Khalfani Malik Khaldun
The Pale Criminals - Martin Souza
The Pandemic of Slavery in Texas
The RIghts of Prisoners - Mike Lee
The Railroading of Chicago Native Son - Richard M. Flood
The Red Heart Warrior - Volume 3 Number 2 Spring 2004
The Red Heart Warrior Vol 5 No 2 Spring 2006
The Solitary Anarchist Or the Patient Activist - Marktha
The Struggle Vol 1
The Sweet Defeat of the Prison in Crete - Anthony Rayson
The U.S. KKKovernments Fraudulent Annual Crime Report
They Will Never Get us All! - Harold H Thompson
Thrown To The Wolves - Coyote
Timebomb - Volume 2 Issue 1
Timebomb Vol 2 Issue 1
Timebomb WInter 2000
Tinley Park Statement - Jason Hammond
Torture in Our Own Backyards Supermax - Jessica Pupovac
Towards a Theory Revolutionizing Street Nations- Richard M Flood
True Leap Press 2020 2021 Publisher and Zine Distributor Catalog
US Gov Fraudulent Crime Report - Abdul Olugbala Shakur
US Keep Your Hands Off Assata - Pan Afrikan News Wire
Under Oath 3
Understanding Case Law and Legal Writing - Frederick Ray
Unity to Collective Liberation- Brian Lee Rowe Uhuru Baraka Rowe
Unleashed Thoughts of an Anarchist - Anthony Rayson Interview
Up For The Challenge - Interview with Coyote
Up In Smoke - Edward NJWeedman Forchion
Updated History New Afrikan Prison Struggle - Sundiata Acoli
Us Against Them 9
Usual Suspects 5
Usual Suspects Zine Issue 5 - Cellbloc Writers Collective
Virginia New Afrikan Slave Revolutionaries - Uhuru B Rowe
Voices of California Drug War Prisoner - Eugene Alexander Dey
Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 1
Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 2
Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 3
Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 4
We Who Stand the Most - Hybachi LeMar
When Love is By Choice instead of Chance - C Anthony Taylor
While In The Face of Adversity - Nevada ABC
Who Are The Nato 5 - Brief Outline State Repression in Chicago
Wiener Society 2 Screams from Inside
Women Are In Prison
Write or Die 3 - Xzyzst
Write or Die 4 - Xzyzst
Write or Die 5 - Xzyzst
Write or Die Poetry Prose & Condz Volume III - Xzyzst
You Call This A Democacy! Ojore N Lutalo
Youre Not Normal Issue 7
Zero to Anarchist in 1.2 Seconds - Lee Savage
Zines Are Our Real Weapons - Nevada ABC
tekkk$a$ Prison Activist Monsour God Owolabi